Say hello to our Second Team

It’s been a long time coming (years and years I think), but we’ve almost got a second team up and running. Many of the players are people who should really have been playing lots before but I kept them back for emergencies that never came, so it’ll be nice to finally see what they can do as the main lineup. Tikcus will be running the team itself with Ozzy returning to the 9m bossom and the full roster to be revealed when it’s finished. The team will be entering the waiting list for Wireplay, as well as preparing for the i40 lan where the majority of the players will hopefully be playing together as well.

Good luck guys!

8 Responses to “Say hello to our Second Team”

  1. Ozzy Says:

    It’s nice to be back, feels like home :)

  2. TroubleGirl Says:

    Best of luck guys. Welcome back dear Ozzy, it’s nice to have you back ;)

  3. Tikcus Says:

    Hey all fun times ahead

  4. Monkeh Says:

    Good luck guys, no doubt you’ll be wanting to play us at some point soon, teach us a lesson and all.

  5. Ozzy Says:

    Who let you in here Monkeh :P Hi!

    I’m not sure we’ll be teaching any lessons anytime soon! :)

  6. Monkeh Says:

    I sneaked in unnoticed….and again now too. SECURITY!!!!!

    Gl HF whatever. See you soon I hope.

  7. darkness Says:

    Good luck!

  8. Tikcus Says:

    we’re getting there :) I took a night off yesterday and the team got this merc in called snowie, apparently if the convince him to join i’m not needed anymore :p

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